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Our promise to you is to support you with all your real estate needs in the El Paso, Texas area. We are aware that real estate may comprise of several life cycles which may include a home purchase transaction or a complex commercial transaction. In any situation that you may find yourself, please know that we are there to help you and put our experience at your service.

Our Services:

  • Buyers Representation
    We become your advisor to help you locate the property that best fits your needs and also help you achieve the most favorable conditions for you, including price negotiation, terms and conditions and all the necessary formalities to complete the transaction. There is no obligation from you to purchase and usually no cost to you.
  • Sellers Representation
    We help you promote, market, negotiate and obtain the best price for your property placed for sale, utilizing the best tools and cooperating with all the Real Estate agents in El Paso, TX area.
  • Commercial representation for independent builders.
    Don’t have a sales force? No problem. We represent residential home builders in the marketing and sale of their properties (See previous item).
  • Representation in the transactions involved in the purchase or sale of your property.
    If you have already located a property on your own or have just concluded a transaction with a family member, we can help you take care of all the formalities involved in order to make sure the property exchanges ownership correctly. As a transactional broker, we make sure that your transaction is done correctly.

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