Property Management and Rentals

Administración y Renta de Propiedades<

In response to the needs of our clients who have invested in real estate opportunities in single-family residences or apartment buildings, who preferred not to rent them on their own, we have developed our own in-house full property management and rental services.

Once we help you locate the property that meets all your investment criteria and potential profitability, we guide you to prepare the necessary aesthetic details to make your property more marketable and offer it to the market. Additionally, we make sure that each property being offered for rent abides by all legal requirements established by the law.

Once in the market, we make sure the property is marketed and promoted correctly. We interview and pre-screen those persons interested in leasing until we find the candidate that meets the requirements established by the property owner. Once approved, we will formalize the leasing agreement with this client and month to month we will be collecting the rent on behalf of the property owner. We will enforce the obligations established in the leasing agreement.

Property rentals are complex, mainly because it involves many laws dealing with security, anti-discrimination and the strict enforceability of the established contracts.   Our company will advise you every step of the way.

Our Services include:
  • Locating investment properties (Properties for rent).
  • Negotiation and purchase of these properties.
  • Promotion and marketing of your property in mass media instruments.
  • Pre-selection of candidates.
  • Showing the property to interested pre-selected candidates.
  • Formalizing the lease agreement with the selected and approved tenant.
  • Monthly property management which involves collection of rents and overseeing minor repairs that your property might need.

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